The rooms are now open so this Blog will not be updated.

Friday, 8 September 2017

The Bishop opens the rooms on Sunday 3rd of September 2017

The Bishop blesses the building

The Bishop invites every one inside

The Bishop blesses the main room

At the reception afterwards much thanks and praise for the 3 leaders of the project


As the car park was nearing completion, the final works were happening near to the rooms. The paving was put down outside the doors at either end.

The builders' fences were removed!

Top soil was put in place and levelled.

Volunteers arrived and planted lavender and laid donated turf.

The Rooms were ready for the Bishop and the Grand Opening!


Work began on clearing the area for the car park. The surplus soil was removed and taken to the churchyard extension.

The membrane was put in place and hard core put on top.

Then the grid was placed on top of that.

Finally the top soil was added and seeded.

Meanwhile, the area round the rooms was being finished. The paving was added near to the doors.

Sunday, 13 August 2017


Work began on the interior decoration.

Outside the final layer of render was added.

The glass arrives for the windows.

The leaded lights are put in place on the North side.

And also in the East and West windows.

The scaffolding has now gone and the doors arrive to be fixed.

The ground works begin.

Friday, 7 July 2017


Work continued inside the building with the first fix of carpentry, mechanical and electrical works. The underfloor heating pipes were installed, and then the screed was laid.

The rooms were made ready for the plasterers to commence work.

The  line of  inner windows on the north side were placed in position.

Most of the plastering was completed.

The first layer of render was begun.

Monday, 5 June 2017


On April 30th the burial took place of the remains found during the building works. There were two adults and one child. They were found in an unmarked grave and there is no record of who they were. They were re-interred near to where they had been found, after the service on Sunday morning.

                                     At the beginning of May all the rafters were in position.

                                     The rafters were covered and the battens put in position.

                                            Inside the 'rooms' were starting to take shape.

The tiles then began to appear.

The first to be done were on the South side where the velux windows are.

Finally the North side was finished and the ridge was put on.

The final ridge tile was added and the roof complete!

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